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T-Bone Taisa by Evacconvoy T-Bone Taisa :iconevacconvoy:Evacconvoy 3 3 Insanity by Evacconvoy Insanity :iconevacconvoy:Evacconvoy 11 17 Dealing with it by Evacconvoy Dealing with it :iconevacconvoy:Evacconvoy 3 9 Gleam of a knife - illustratio by Evacconvoy Gleam of a knife - illustratio :iconevacconvoy:Evacconvoy 7 6
Birds and bees
Part 1:
Love... Who cares about love? It’s just pain...
-What is it? You look sad.
- Huh? Oh, no, nothing--- nothing at all...
- You know you can tell anything that hurts you. Come on, it’s just you and me, nobody’s listening.
- It’s nothing, I just don’t want to fight. I don’t want a war.
- Me neither, but we can’t do anything about it, not today. We can just hope that it will be all right. Now let’s sleep a bit. We have work to do tomorrow. Goodnight sister.
- Yeah... uhm... goodnight sis’.
Delora was always too kind to me. But what could I do, she is just too kind at all. But she is nice friend and a lovely wife. Stratos can call himself a lucky birdman. I’m glad to be his sister. He is great man after all. Great like Semy... god not again. Don’t cry, be strong, don’t cry be...
- Hawk, are you crying? What’s the matter?
- What? I... wasn’t crying, just.... – great timing birdboy. – What are you doing her
:iconevacconvoy:Evacconvoy 2 0
Gleam of a knife preview page2 by Evacconvoy Gleam of a knife preview page2 :iconevacconvoy:Evacconvoy 7 3 Avionian warrior by Evacconvoy Avionian warrior :iconevacconvoy:Evacconvoy 2 0 Gleam of a knife preview page by Evacconvoy Gleam of a knife preview page :iconevacconvoy:Evacconvoy 4 3 Mekaneck by Evacconvoy Mekaneck :iconevacconvoy:Evacconvoy 5 2 Stratos's flying school by Evacconvoy Stratos's flying school :iconevacconvoy:Evacconvoy 4 8 MotU Mekaneck chibi by Evacconvoy MotU Mekaneck chibi :iconevacconvoy:Evacconvoy 9 18 Ultra Magnus - forgive me by Evacconvoy Ultra Magnus - forgive me :iconevacconvoy:Evacconvoy 16 9 I was good, like an angel by Evacconvoy I was good, like an angel :iconevacconvoy:Evacconvoy 6 10
Something nicer than love
What can I say? I know her well. If her father wasn’t there, she asked me for help and I assisted her.
She didn’t deserve that punishment what he went through.
They casted off her, even if she had some abilities, what could profit for the Autobot culture. But yet, she suffered, much more than somebody else. As if she created to be the responsible for the sins of everybody. Just like the human’s Jesus.
She is like an angel. Who they don’t believe in...
I remember that day, when we first met.
She was lying on the ground, so I run to her. As I got closer, I heard her bitter crying. She asked for help. I gave it to her.
She has agony and she was on a rehabilitation. I don’t know even now, what kind of operation she had...  she needed help for her recovery... only that mattered. Almost I spent all of my time for her and I felt, a strong connection started to evolve between us.
But it was different, not like love. More wholeharted, more beautiful...
I helpe
:iconevacconvoy:Evacconvoy 0 6
Forgive me
There’s something, that no one knows. Only me, and a few other bots who were on that strange planet. Only we know, that my daughter, Nolus, isn’t an Autobot, not even a transformer.
Liquid was falling from the sky, and there were rocks everywhere. But not just rocks. I remember for that day clearly. So many things happened only in one megacycle. We were not alone...
- Jazz’s and Perceptor’s team will go to that mountain! My team will go to that lake! The others stay here, and if it’s necessary, they will help. Understood?
- Sir, yes sir!
- Good. Now go!
It was a mistake. A really big mistake. And I made that mistake, wich is unforgivable. And the only victim is Nolus. Who stood much suffering and trusted me always. Only me, and Jazz accepted her fully. The other Autobots hated her, and hates her now because she’s other.
She isn’t from Cybertron. She is from that planet.
I was alone, and surrounded by fear. But not mine. A creature’s. It has a she
:iconevacconvoy:Evacconvoy 4 6
Nolus again again by Evacconvoy Nolus again again :iconevacconvoy:Evacconvoy 5 12

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Current Residence: Doom 2
Favourite genre of music: almost everything
Operating System: Windows XP
MP3 player of choice: Philips
Favourite cartoon character: every smurf, T-Bone, Mekaneck, Strawberry-Doberman-Onigumo-Sengoku
I don't think that I'm that important, but I tell this anyway. I'm leaving Devart.

Should I erase the whole thing, or should it stay like this?


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Liars are caught faster than halting dog. (Or something like that, I can't really translate it)

By the way, I'm really glad you started to draw more, I like your pics, keep it up;) I'm sorry, I didn't commented on them but right now, I have 3 exams, but in a week or so, I'll be back again;)
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